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Alligator Customs | GatorStep

GatorStep isn't just boat flooring and decking. Once installed, you are adding a layer of comfort, style and customization that is unmatched in the industry. We value our relationships with our customers and that's why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to responsiveness and customer satisfaction. Don't settle for generic and uninspired EVA Foam non-skid alternatives. Designed For Grip, Stain Resistance, UV Protection, and Easy Peel & Stick Application - Experience the GatorStep Difference!


What is Gator Step?

Gator steps are a type of non-slip step that is often installed on boats. They are made of a durable material that can withstand the elements and provide a safe and secure footing for passengers and crew. There are many advantages to installing gator steps on a boat.


Increased Safety

Gator steps provide a much-needed non-slip surface for passengers and crew to step on when boarding or deboarding a boat. This can be even more important if you have children, elderly, or people less familiar with boating getting on board and even moving about the boat.


Increased Value

Gator step can add value to a boat when it is time to sell. This is because they make the boat more attractive to potential buyers and can make it easier to use. Depending on the boat it can be the difference between your boat being chosen vs another similar boat getting the sale because the purchaser doesn’t have to get it done once they take delivery. It’s already good to go. I know that personally when I have been in the market for a boat, if im deciding between one which already has GS installed, VS one that has none, or some sort of snap in carpet. I will always choose the one with GS already installed.


Why Chose GatorStep?

We chose GS because of our lifetime of experience on boats that have had decking installed. Our experience along with looking under the hood of the different offerings, GS is the product we have chosen for our clients and their high standards. Their is a great reason why boat manufacturers such as Centurion, Supra, Pavati decided to offer it from the factory vs other brands.

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