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Terms, Conditions, and Disclosures

Window Film Knowledge 

  • DO NOT roll your windows down or clean the inside of the glass for 3 full days (72 Hours) after the installation.

  • For the next 3-10 days depending on weather temperature your window film will look milky, streaky, or a little like orange peal. This is normal and will evaporate.

  • When it is safe to clean your windows, Only use AUTOMOTIVE GLASS CLEANERS. NEVER us any product that contains ammonia or All Purpose Cleaners (APC's) as it will damage the window film and void the warranty. Also never use news paper to clean the inside of your windows after installation. The harsh surface of newspaper can scratch the film.

  • When window film is installed to glass, any imperfections in the glass such as burs, scratches will look magnified and much more noticeable. Also keep in mind that right after your windows are tinted is most likely the closest you will ever look at or inspect the glass on your car. 

  • Some vehicles have a “dot matrix” (little black dots the often border a windshield, quarter windows or back window). The window film can not get in-between these dots evenly and leave a “silvering” look. There is no way to avoid this and does NOT constitute removing and replacing the window film and no matter what the tint will not lay evenly onto of something that has an uneven surface. The only way to eliminate this is by wet sanding the dotmatrix. Alligator Window Tint DOES NOT do this as it can cause damage to the glass or defrosters.


Windshield Tinting

  • Since the film being installed on the windshield is so large (usually the largest piece of glass in the automobile) and their are many obstacles in the way, such as the steering wheel, the windshield can not be expected to turn out perfect. When getting your windshield tinted a few specs of contamination are deemed acceptable to an extent.

  • Water trapped in between the glass and the film will take up to 10 days to cure and dry out. The orange peel look due to the moisture that the trapped moisture causes will go away, just be patient.

  • If you install an Epass or some sort of gate pass or like stickers on the inside after install, it will cause damage to the window film when you go to remove it so it doesn’t go with the vehicle. We recommend “Sticker Shield” to install interior stickers for easy removal. 

Architectural Film Installation 

  • All thin films require a reasonable curing time to facilitate a proper bonding to the glass. During this curing time, some normal changes may be noticed. listed below are items that may be experienced.

  • If haziness occurs, this is moisture under the film. This will eventually evaporate as the film cures. 

  • A few particles may be seen from the exterior, after the curing has completed. Generally, these will not be noticed from a reasonable distance. These particles can be attributed to pinhead size translucent globules of adhesive that have not cured to perfect clarity. 

  • Curing time will be approximately 30-60 days for sun control film and longer for security film. Windows should not be washed during this period. 

  • On occasion, the installer will capture a grain of dust or sand that cannot be eliminated, this too is normal. 

  • There may be a thin light line bordering your film and this light is proper in keeping with the specified installation for all window film products. (See IWFA specifications)

  • Cleaning can be done with a rubber squeegee by mixing a few drops of dish soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Film canot be cleaned with abrasive cleaners or ammonia products. 

Visual Quality Standards for Applied Window Film (As adopted by the IWFA May 15, 1999)

  • Installed film on glass is not expected to have the same level of clarity as raw glass. (OBVIOUSLY if you think about it logically)

  • Installed window film has a cure time due to the water trapped between the glass and the film.

  • Edge gaps will normally be 1/16” to 1/8” from the top of the window. This is to ensure that the water used in the install can be squeegeed out and the film not catching on the top of the window to cause peeling in the future. 

  • Dust is all around us and is next to impossible to keep out of the air. This also makes it impossible to keep out of the film. We however take every precaution to do so: we are not responsible for any dust that may show up



  • Alligator Customs will accommodate you as much as reasonably possible however refunds will not be issued. Window Film is an art or craft that takes years to master. This is a very different type of transaction than a product a store can put back on the shelf.

  • Cancelation/Reschedule: A charge of $50 will be applied to appointments that cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of appointment, as this does not give enough time to fill the time slot set aside for you.

  • Payment: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or cash.

  • All window film installation will have sales tax added. (just like every other legitimate business)

  • Fees: a 3.5% convenience fee will be added for those paying with a credit card.

  • Deposits: Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits will be charged for residential and commercial jobs. The deposit will be 25% and paid for when the job is approved. If the client is a no call, no show for their appointment for automotive tint a $50 non-refundable deposit will be taken before another appointment is scheduled.

  • Please remove any and all items of value from your vehicle prior to the work being preformed. This includes the trunk area. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to anything left in the vehicle (such as loose items paperwork you do not want water on).

  • Car seats will need to be taken out of the vehicle by the owner. car seats get in the way of the installer and the owner of the car is responsible for the proper removal of the car seat. Alligator Window Tint will not be liable for car seats.

  • Please keep your receipt for warranty work

  • Warranty is only offered on legal percentage window film installations. This policy comes from the window film manufacturer. The window film manufacturer will not pay to warranty illegal or off-road use only installations for liability reasons.

  • Please be advised that we do everything possible to make your window tint look great. However there is no perfect tint job. At Alligator Customs we set our standard at 99%. This means that if you divide the window into 100 equal size squares, one full square can be completely full of contamination and still be 99% perfect. This means that if their is a couple of specs or dust particles in your install it is well within tolerance and still even above our company standard. Dust is all around us and is next to impossible to keep out of the air. This also makes it impossible to keep out of the film. We however take every precaution to do so: we are not responsible for any dust that may show up.



  • Please keep your receipts for any warranty claims. 

  • Warranties will only be offered and/or honored for LEGAL VLT percentages. Warranties are NOT offered on vehicles with off-road or show purpose only window film.  

  • You have one business to remember. We have thousands of clients. We can not possibly remember every single person so receipts are the only way to prove your warranty work.


Window Film Removal

  • Removing window film is much more tedious that it sounds. Sometimes it comes off all together and others it will become brittle and turn into shreds during removal. There is no way to know how it will go or how long it will take. 

  • It is NOT POSSIBLE to guarantee that you will have the functionality of the defrosters after the rear window film is removed. Defrosters are like a circuit that is glued onto the back window by the factory. If there is any break in the circuit it will not work. If a piece comes off with the old film it will not work. If the removal leaves enough adhesive behind then the window will have to be cleaned with a razor blade and that will also cause them not to work. Alligator Window Tint is NOT responsible for the functionality of the defrosters after removal of old film.

  • Alligator Customs is not responsible for the functionality of the defrosters even if we are replacing window film that we installed. Just because Alligator Window Tint installed the window film originally, it doesn’t change the physics of what will happen in the removal process.


Photo/Video Release Authorization Permission

  • I agree that Alligator Window Tint  may use such photographs of my property with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.

  • Alligator Customs will not be liable for any damages which are incurred directly or indirectly on vehicles or operators or passengers of the vehicle.

  • Clients are not allowed in the work bay and therefore an employee will need to drive the vehicle to and from the work bay. 

  • An express mechanic’s lien is hereby acknowledged on the above vehicle to secure the amount of services done.

  • I understand that this vehicle is subject to repossession, if payment for services and/or products rendered is dishonored.

  • Alligator Customs  will not be liable for any damages which are incurred directly or indirectly on vehicles or operators or passengers of the vehicle.

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